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RSS Automotive monitors for you the best sources of automotive information worldwide to offer you all the automotive news on a continuous basis: gasoline cars, diesel cars, SUVs, 4x4s, city cars, sedans, sports coupe cars, racing cars (Formula 1, Formula 3000, etc.), but also electric cars or even hydrogen vehicles. The RSS Automotive monitoring solution also tracks innovations related to vehicle components, including the engine, bodywork, upholstery, dashboard, on-board computer, chassis, tires, headlights and all vision systems... Not forgetting the issues of weight reduction, biofuels or autonomous vehicles.
Whether you are a car manufacturer, an OEM, a subcontractor or in the automotive maintenance chain, you benefit from a professional automotive watch updated in real time and with great ease of use.
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Automotive Monitoring
Under the skin: How acoustic glass makes car conversation easier
Published at 24/01/2022

Subduing noise in a similar frequency range to human speech has become even more important in the EV era Glass may be one of the things most taken for granted in cars, but it plays a much greater role than merely allowing us to see where we’re going.…

Indigo Flow and Flow Plus Set To Be Revealed at CES, Promise a Fair Bit of Range
Published at 04/01/2022

Indigo Technologies, a start-up company that managed to hire the former Head of Innovation at Audi, as well as a former Designer at Porsche and Lucid, will showcase two vehicle designs at CES. They are called Indigo Flow and Indigo Flow Plus. The start-up…

Roush reveals first upgrades for the Ford Bronco
Published at 23/12/2021

Ford is gearing up to launch a Bronco Raptor next year, but this isn't the only avenue for Bronco fans looking to extract more performance from the off-roader. [...]

Automotive trade shows

United States of America  Event  LA AUTO SHOW
Organisation: Unknown
19.11.2021 - 28.11.2022 (Los Angeles) -
One of the world's largest auto shows with 1,000 vehicles at the LA Convention Center. Our show is your one-stop-shop for…

Switzerland  Event  Salon international de l’automobile de Genève
Organisation: Unknown
19.02.2022 - 27.02.2022 (Geneve) -

Germany  Event  Drive
Organisation: WESE EMS HALLEN
26.02.2022 - 27.02.2022 (Oldenburg) - Annuel
The DRIVE in Oldenburg provides a trade fair audience interested in buying the opportunity to compare brands and models…